Information for English speaking visitors of Dafu

Besides the page on Premium-SMS (because I have written an English report on this in 2001 hot topic), and an interesting interview on the opportunities with USSD, there is currently no international version of the Portal to Information on Wireless Data.

In any case you are welcome to ask me for the translation of single pages. In this case, please send an email to Bernd Mielke. Please understand that such requests may take some time. But I will definitely answer your mail.

If there is somebody who considers to pay me for an English version of many pages or even the whole site, I´ll certainly do it. And once done, I´d continue to offer that English version, keeping it up-to-date. But without your mail, nothing will happen …

Best regards, Bernd Mielke from Essen, Germany

FYI: Dafu stands for Datenfunk, i.e. data over radio, or wireless data.
And: Handy sounds English but is the only in Germany used word for a mobile phone :-)

V2R = Vision to Reality - the V2R GmbH is my other business, offering currently a Business Card Reader app as well as "books" (black leather or Balacron) for the iPhone 4 and 4S and the Samsung Galaxy 3 phones. These phones can still serve as navigation appliances and for many other purposes, and the books protect such phones very well.

If you are interested in a Business Card Reader app for the iPhone, please consider the V2R Reader. Well, unfortunately ABBYY cancelled the license agreement for the Mobile OCR SDK end of 2020. I used that for text recognition and classifying detected strings as fields of business cards (name, address, company, position, phone numbers, mail addresses, weblinks and the like). So, sadly I had to stop offering this app in the App Store. And I haven't decided yet if I can and will relaunch the app in some way 

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